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FinAfrique Partners

A Disruptive, Inclusive and Sustainable Investment Bank

FinAfrique offers advisory and investment services that meet the needs of financial institutions, businesses, and African states seeking performance, innovation, and inclusive growth.

Our mission is to meet the growing needs of the African continent through 2 Main Business Areas :

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Operational Offices

Paris – Abidjan – Douala

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Our Team

Fabrice Kom Tchuente

Executive Director

Hélène Sandrine Diaby

Senior Investment Officer & Head of Abidjan Office

Mélissa Ngatcha

Senior Financial Analyst

Alice Njeufa

Financial Analyst

Pacôme Konan

Junior Financial Analyst

Christel Ela

Administrative Assistant

Our Genesis
From Fundamental Reflection to Responsible Action

Investment Committee

& Management Team

Our Sustainable Investment Committee

This committee is tasked with analyzing investment targets based on financial, sustainability, and impact criteria with the aim of reconciling Financial Performance with Social and Environmental Performance.

The Sustainable Investment Committee is composed of a group of experts working in the fields of Investment and Sustainable Finance who believe in Impact Investing for vulnerable African economies.

Our Team

A dynamic and ambitious team that embodies our mission of excellence, innovation, and integrity, guiding FinAfrique Partners towards new horizons of growth and success.


Our Expertises

Discover our commitment to ethical finance, tailored to all segments of the African

FinAfrique Advisory

Our “Advisory” Branch consists of two mains areas of expertise :

We provide solutions to the following challenges :

  • Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans,
  • Development of Operational Efficiency Strategies,
  • Improvement of Governance Frameworks,
  • Development of Risk Maps (Banks, Insurances, and other Financial Institutions),
  • Development of Financial Management Optimization Tools.

We provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • Structuring & Arrangement of Inclusive Financing and Investment Operations :
    Inclusive Bonds, Social Bonds, Green Bonds, Blue Bonds…
  • Implementation of Financial Inclusion Policies,
  • Support for Public and Private Financial Institutions in the design of innovative
    financial mechanisms,
  • Advisory for Governments to Implement Inclusive Policies and Support Tools (for SMEs/TPEs and the Informal Sector),
  • Support in Financing projects for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

FinAfrique Investment

Through our “Investment” Branch, our goal is to structure a Financial Infrastructure to improve access to financing for the Very Small Enterprises sector.

  • A commitment to Africa,
  • A commitment to sustainable impact,
  • A commitment to current and future generations,
  • Ethical and responsible investment policies.

Our primary goal is to actively participate in unlocking Africa’s potential by focusing primarily on those forgotten by current financing mechanisms : the informal sector, VSEs/SMEs, women, youth, and the climate.

As Responsible and Committed Investors, we primarily focus on key areas directly related to financial inclusion, financing for SMEs/VSEs, and sustainable development.

We structure our actions around values and ethical principles :

  • Inclusion
  • Impact
  • Intergenerational
  • Local Content
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Long-term perspective
  • Sustainability
  • Return on investment
  • Innovative and pragmatic solutions

Addressing the continent’s challenges with endogenous solutions and innovative financing mechanisms.

Our Funds

The aim of IB Debt Fund I : To contribute to inclusive growth and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IB Debt Fund I : Context and Issue

According to a report of the International Monetary Fund (2017), the informal sector represents between 20% (South Africa) and 65% (Benin, Nigeria) of the Gross Domestic Product in African countries.

Additionally, according to a study by the International Labour Organization, this same sector accounts for 85% of jobs on the continent. Yet, in terms of financing, this sector appears to be «greatforgotten», «poorly equipped» in our economy [...].

Expected Results

Reasons to Trust Us

Discover the distinctive advantages of FinAfrique, a comprehensive and tailored solution to meet your professional needs.

Optimal Proximity

Personalized services provided directly on-site.

Deep Understanding

Consultants steeped in a Sustainability approach and with a perfect understanding of the
socio-cultural context and challenges of African businesses.

Tailored Flexibility

Practical and adaptable services according to client needs.

International Expertise

A qualified team with multi-continental experience.

Our Investment Philosophy

A Business Bank Tailored to All Segments of the Economy!


Inclusive Bond Project

The Inclusive Bond Project emerged from an article written in May 2020 by FinAfrique with the aim of proposing a new financing mechanism imbued with specific socio-cultural and economic characteristics of Very Small Enterprises and informal activities in Africa.

This financing aims to be alternative and complementary to existing financing, particularly offering affordable features for vulnerable entrepreneurial segments.

This Project is currently being implemented in Cameroon and Ivory Coast with the support of numerous International Institutions such as:



On April 15, 2021, BICICI, ADVANS, and FinAfrique announced the launch of, a digital financial education platform in French and Dioula, a dialect frequently used in Ivory Coast.

FinDiETou (born from an idea of FinAfrique) is a series of short, interactive, and fun training courses for micro-entrepreneurs, both men and women. Its digital platform is punctuated by Voice-Overs, visual illustrations, and touch targets, allowing illiterate or semi-literate individuals to learn autonomously.

Our Research Activities

Fabrice Kom Tchuente: "For the vast majority of Africans, the informal sector is a survival mattress".

Financial Inclusion

And to think that many of us are now saying that it is difficult to capture the savings of African households...

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Latest News

FinAfrique organizes the Public-Private Dialogue Workshop on the Inclusive Bond Concept at the Mövenpick Hotel in Abidjan alongside UNECA

January 8, 2024

 FinAfrique secures a $900,000 CAD Grant Agreement from IDRC (International Development Research Centre) for the implementation of the Inclusive Bond Project in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire.

November 2023

 FinAfrique is engaged by GIZ to facilitate the Conference Mission of the Finance Task Force of COMIFAC. Preparation of the Advocacy for the ECCAS States to increase Green Financing for Central African forests as stipulated in the Paris Agreements.

September 6-8, 2023
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